Module 1

Module 1


The module aims to teach the child the first Turkish words and structures with visuals, body language, mimics and repetitions. Targeted words and structures include the structures that the child may encounter in his / her daily life and use in situations where he / she introduces himself / herself. At the end of module 1, the child can recognize and say the targeted words and at the same time construct simple sentences with these words.



What’s inside the modules?

1. Lecture Video (Professional studio videos)

2. Interactive videos

3. Online activities and games

4. Songs and stories

5. Worksheets (pdf, can be printed.)

6. Tests

7. 30 minutes Live Assessment (instructor makes a one-to-one assessment interview with the student, not mandatory)

8. Parent feedback (information on student development and status at the end of the module)

9. Certificate of Participation (will be given to every student who completes all units)