Why Is Distance Education Preferred?

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In this article, we will publish a part of our study on why E-Learning and Distance Learning is being preferred very quickly by learners and even tutorials from all over the world. In order to give you an overview of our work, we will share some advantages without going into much detail.


Because of the many advantages it offers to learners, E-Learning is now accepted and preferred by learners from all over the world. When technology and education come together correctly and effectively, it has become the combination that best meets the needs of both teachers and learners.

Distance education is in fact a headline and in itself is divided into sub-branches and methods. In this context, the most basic distinction is made as “Synchronous Distance Education” and “Asynchronous Distance Education”. Synchronous means simultaneous. In synchronous distance education the learner/student and instructor interact directly and the online course is held live. Asynchronous distance education method offers pre-prepared content that eliminates the concept of time and space. This article focuses on the advantages of asynchronous distance education and E-Learning.


  1. E-Learning Meets Everyone’s Needs

E-Learning, distance edication, online, advantageThe digital revolution has led to significant changes in how educational content is accessed, consumed and shared. Online educational courses allows everyone -managers, students, housewives etc.- to receive training at a time appropriate to himself. Depending on their personel schedule and their comfort, many people prefer to learn on weekends or evenings. In this context, online learning is the most appropriate method for everyone.


  1. Lectures Can Be Repeated

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Everyone’s knowledge, ability to cope with the course content, skills, abilities and speed of learning can be different. Unlike formal education, distance education provides unlimited access to educational content. This allows everyone to repeat lectures and subjects in line with their own needs. This advantage of distance education is especially preferred when preparing for the final exam.


  1. Offers Updated Content

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One of the most important benefits of E-Learning is that it allows continuous updating of content. For example, while it is not possible to reprint the textbooks used in formal education every year, the content is continuously updated and improved in distance education. While it is not possible to add a new chapter to the textbook, to quickly revise existing content and activities based on feedback from learner groups, it is easy to do so on the Learning Management System (LMS).



The next part of our study will be included in another article.

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