T4 Junior Media Team

As long as the children want to…


We are ready o teach Turkish to children from all over the world.Children who will encounter Turkish for the first time or those who know Turkish a little by means of their families or relatives.

In short, we have aimed aim to teach the nice Turkish language to children towards their needs and we continue to do so.

In Module 1 we have finalized (asynchronous) units for children ready. So that they can repeat all the lessons as they want and get access to the materials whenever they want. Module 2 will be available in August and Module 3 in October.

There are 10 units in each module. All units have at least one lesson video, various online activities and tests. We wanted to present Turkish to the children in a daily context and make them learn with fun.

If you need, we can support you with personalized online lessons.

As long as the children want to… We will be here for them!

25.12.2020 – 05.01.2021