Turkish4 Language, Culture and Awareness Camps

Turkish4 is a platform that offers Turkish education as a foreign language to children, teens and adults with distance education method. It offers asynchronous educational content for children, in other words, consisting of pre-prepared modules. It conducts special-purpose language teaching methods to young people and adults, forms special course programs for each learner and offers them online private courses. As Turkish4, we hope to meet with students and participants from all over the world. To this end, we will organize the Turkish4 Language, Culture and Awareness Camps four times a year in accordance with various age groups. The common features of all programs are to conduct Turkish4 education curriculum and educational materials in Turkish language teaching, to carry out cultural activities, workshops and awareness raising activities in its natural environment.


Of course, we planned the first camps for dear children. Turkish4Children I. Language, Culture and Awareness Camp will be held in Izmir between the dates of 21-28 December 2019 for children aged 4-7. 

The camp for children aged 8-12 is on April 11-12, 2020.


We hope that all international children who live in Turkey and outside of Turkey which will come together in this camp will learn Turkish and join hands to create a better world through various awareness raising activities and cultural events.

We trust them and get inspired by them.


We will always keep our promise to children:

As long as the children want to… We will be here for them!

Sometimes as close as a click and sometimes within a hand’s reach.


Turkish4Children I. Language, Culture and Awareness Camp

Age: 4-7 years. As children are under age, they must be accompanied by 1 adult.

Date: 21 – 28 December 2019
Location: Izmir / Turkey
Hotel:  Aria Claros Beach & Spa Resort / Özdere (5 star – All inclusive)
Quota: A maximum of 12 children will be accepted for the camp.
Fee: 750 Euro (1 child + 1 adult)

Children are going to have 6 months free access to Turkish4Children Module 1 after the camp, so that they do not forget what they have learned in the camp and continue to develop their Turkish language skills.

  • Turkish4Children 1st Module topics (10 units) will be covered throughout the camp.
  • For those who want to sleep at noon among the 4-5 year old children, there is a free time between 11:35 – 13:30. Lunch ends at 14:00.
  • After dinner, the program continues untill 20:15.  Children who are tired or want to spend time with parents will be released at 20:15. The program will continue with optional participation until 21:30. 
  • There will be a closing party on the last evening. Parents’ participation is expected.
  • Parents will attend the orientation meeting on the first day of the camp. In addition, a seminar will be held in which parents’ participation is compulsory.
  • Online access to Turkish4Children Module 1 topics will be available for 6 months.

Send an email to info@turkish4.com for detailed camp program.

All of our camps are organised in cooperation with Alfa Tour agency authorised by TÜRSAB and travel insurance is provided.
 Document Certificate No: 10583


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. LinguaVoca is particularly sensitive about this issue. It organizes the camps in places that is accessible for everyone. The student or parent who will participate in the education can also participate with a wheelchair.

Only children can attend our morning sessions. You can relax, chat and take advantage of the facilities. You can participate in the afternoon workshops and events.


Sure you can. If both of your children are between 4 and 7 years of age, they can both participate in education. If your child is younger than 4 or older than 7, he or she must spend time with you. If you are joining with 2 children, you must pay an additional fee.

Attendance of only one parent is compulsory. If the other parent wants to come, of course he/she can. You must pay an additional fee.

No. We cannot accept children aged 4-7 years alone. There must be an adult who knows them well and can take care of them outside of education.

If you write to info@turkish4.com we will send you detailed directions.

Upon request, we can arrange a transfer from the airport, bus station and city center. The departure time of the shuttle will be determined according to the arrival time of the majority. Out of these hours, we can also arrange a transfer with a transfer fee if you request. Of course, we are also prepared for the comfortable transfer of our wheelchair guests. Please write your arrival time and any special information to info@turkish4.com.

If you wish to check in earlier or check out later, please write to info@turkish4. If the hotel is available, you can make individual reservations regardless of the camp schedule. 

You will need to pay at least 50% on the payment page to register. The other half can be paid in cash to our camp coordinator while entering the hotel. Credit cards are not accepted.

No it is not. You have to plan and meet your arrival to the camp. We will provide transfer from airport, bus station and city center if requested. It will be planned according to the arrival time of the majority and will be free of charge. If you have a different arrival time, we can still provide a transfer but there will be a transfer fee for that.

“Compulsory Professional Travel Insurance” of all participants will be provided by AlfaTour, the authorized agency of TÜRSAB. It is included in the camp fee. You will not be charged for that.


Camp Participation Form

When you complete the form, you will be directed to the payment page. You will need to pay at least 50% on the payment page to register. The other half can be paid in cash to our camp coordinator while entering the hotel. The hotel only accepts cash payments. You cannot pay the camp fee by credit card.

Camp registration form - DE


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