September 26 Turkish Language Festival: Turkish from Past to Today

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Turkish Language Festival is celebrated every year on September 26. As well as its importance of being a significant day for Turkish language history and Turkish itself, it is a fact this day forms a connection between the past and future of the language for those who want to learn it.  This way, the Turkish Language Festival happens to be an opportunity for both Turkish speakers and are learning it.

The History of Turkish Language

As we celebrate the Turkish Language Festival, we should talk a bit about the history of Turkish lifting the lid off of the past. It is unknown when the Turkish language was shaped. The Old Turkish includes eight hundred years of the time including the Gokturks, Uyghurs and a short time of Karakhanids. Given the history of Turkish, the unwritten period named as the Dark Period of Turkish.  And then come the other periods of the Turkish language. These are;

  • Proto-Turkic
  • Middle Turkic
  • East middle Turkish
  • North middle Turkish
  • West middle Turkish

Do You Want to Learn Turkish? Welcome to Our Ever-Growing Family!

Turkish is spoken by nearly 2020 millions of people and among the most spoken languages. Turkish, the fifth most spoken language in the world rank, keeps getting more people interested in the language.

There are lots of different ways to learn Turkish. Distance learning is one of the most preferred ways. With the occasion of Turkish Language Festival, new people meet the Turkish language.  As well as the history of Turkish, the proverbs and idioms are once more getting attention.

Though their number is unclear, there are thousands of proverbs and idioms in Turkish. According to the Turkish Language Institute (TLI), proverbs are adhortatory sentences which are based on long effort and observations and became public. Idioms on the other hand are phrases usually different from their primary meanings and have their meanings.

Although they may seem difficult and confusing at the beginning, they make conversations in Turkish enjoyable and complement the conversations.

Say ‘’Merhaba’’ to Turkish with Turkish Language Festival!

The first president of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk helped Turkish Language Society found on July 12, 1932, to protect Turkish from foreign words and ensure it to be a national language.

Later, the first Turkish Language General Assembly gathered on September 26. Many people from different occupations came together and studied to bring out the richness of Turkish Language and protect it. Thus the starting date of the general assembly started to celebrate as Turkish Language Festival.


Turkish4 wishes you a happy Turkish Language Day and wishes you to join in the rich world of Turkish!

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Kültür Portalı 


Translated by : Esra Nur Elmas

September  2020