Desserts in Turkish Cuisine and Delicious Recipes

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Turkish cuisine is a diverse and rich cuisine. With recipes of food, drinks and desserts one more delicious than the other, you can find a recipe to make everyone happy. Turkish cuisine desserts are also full of loved and famous examples. Perhaps, the most famous Turkish cuisine dessert both at home and abroad is baklava. You must have been seen the word baklava* in cultural writings about Turkey for sure. Perhaps you have even tasted it. In this writing, while we give information about Turkish cuisine desserts, we’re also going to share delicious Turkish cuisine recipes!

Milk Desserts

Milk desserts in Turkish cuisine are surely irreplaceable. Compared to desserts with sherbet, milk desserts are desserts both easy to eat and digest. Güllaç*, sütlaç*, muhallebi* and kazandibi* are only some of the delicious Turkish cuisine desserts! Tavukgöğsü*, a milk dessert is also one of the desserts both delicious and light.


Sherbet Desserts

Turkish cuisine offers desserts suitable for many different palates. Sherbet desserts are of the
desserts that
 are more fulfilling and have a longer effect. Baklava is a world-renowned dessert among sherbet desserts. The first words to come to mind when you hear Turkey and dessert are baklava and lokum*. As a matter of fact, A1 students who just started to learn Turkish usually know these words.

Baklava with pistachio, walnut baklava and peanut baklava is the most loved and known types of baklava. Baklava is a dessert that is offered to guests on special days such as bairams. Revani*, şekerpare*, kalburabastı* and lokma* dessert are delicious desserts among Turkish cuisine desserts. Sherbet desserts are made from dough and usually prepared by pouring sherbet on them. So, sometimes they may be too heavy for some people. However, if they are eaten with a delicious Turkish coffee or tea to balance its taste, the dessert both get lighter and you can feel its taste.

Delicious Recipes for Our Followers

We continue with recipes we chose among Turkish cuisine. Don’t you also think it’s a good idea to taste these desserts to learn their names and their ingredients? If you say’ Hooray baklava and sütlaç!’ too, you may try the recipes we prepared for you.



Among the Turkish cuisine desserts, sütlaç is a quite light dessert. This way it is preferred a lot. In our Turkish cuisine recipe section, we’re first going to share this simple yet delicious dessert. Since it is also easy to fix it, you can cook it easily at your home.


5-6 people

  • 1 tea glass rice
  • 1.5 water glass sugar
  • 1.5 water glass water ( hot)
  • 1 litre milk
    3 tablespoon flour


  • Wash one tea glass of rice and drain it.
  • Cook the washed rice in 1.5 glass hot water until it gets moderate.
  • After cooking the rice, pour 1-litre milk slowly into the pot.
  • After rice and milk are mixed thoroughly pour 1.5 water glass sugar slowly into the mixture.
  • Take one tea glass of the mixture and pour it into a bowl.
  • Pour 3 tablespoon flour into the bowl slowly and mix it.
  • Pour the bowl mixture slowly into the pot.
  • Chill of the cooked sütlaç in bowls. (later you can keep it in the fridge.)
  • You may add walnut or hazelnut on top of the sütlaç, serve it by dusting cinnamon.

Un Helvası ( Cevizli)*

When it comes to Turkish cuisine, one shouldn’t forget helva, which is frequently cooked both on special days and daily life. Here is the easy recipe of flour halva we prepared for you. Afiyet Olsun! *


  • 2 water glass flour
  • 1 tea glass cooking oil
  • 100 gr butter
  • 3 water glass hot water
  • 2 water glass granulated sugar
  • 1 tea glass chopped walnut


  • Mix 3 water glass hot water and 2 water glass granulated sugar in a bowl and melt the sugar.
  • Mix 1 tea glass cooking oil and 100 gr butter in a pot and melt it.
  • After the butter melts, pour 2 water glasses flour in it and mix it.
  • Keep cooking it by mixing it until the flour turns brown.
  • Then pour 1 tea glass of chopped walnut into the flour and mix it.
  • Add the previously prepared melted sugared hot water slowly into the mixture.
  • Mix it till it comes to its proper consistency.
  • After waiting for the halva to cool down a bit, you may serve it however you want.

After talking about all those desserts, eating it is a must! After you follow our writing by listening to it and study on it, how about a bowl of sütlaç? You can also make yourself and your loved ones happy with the Turkish cuisine recipes we shared!

We’re waiting for your photos (and questions if you have any) on social media. Afiyet Olsun!


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Translated by: Esra Nur Elmas

January 2020

Baklava: multilayered flaky pastry with walnuts, pistachios etc.

Güllaç: rice wafers stuffed with nuts cooked in milk

Sütlaç: milk pudding with rice

Muhallebi: milk pudding

Kazandibi: pudding with a caramel base

Tavukgöğsü: chicken breast with white pudding

Lokum: Turkish delight

Revani: semolina cake soaked in light syrup

Şekerpare: baked soft pastry dipped in thick syrup

Kalburabastı: riddled egg-shaped sweet pastries

Lokma: yeast fritters in thick syrup

Un Helvası ( Cevizli): Flour halva ( with walnut)

Afiyet olsun: Enjoy your meal