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Today’s Festival, Let’s Wake Up Early Today Kids!

HAPPY APRIL 23 NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY AND CHILDREN’S DAY TO US ALL!                               TODAY’S FESTIVAL, LET’S WAKE UP EARLY TODAY KIDS! Festivals are important and special. They have a very unique tone for that day and affect us with it,make us feel […]

10 January: Happy Working Journalist Day!

People wonder. And they wonder many things. They wonder about what people they don’t meet anymore are doing, the weather forecast for tomorrow and bus hours. Curiosity is perhaps our most distinct characteristic as humans. We ask questions because we wonder. Not everyone wonders things similarly of course. Some are branded as a ‘thick-skinned’ as […]

Bilingual or Byelingual


Learning and knowing a foreign language Knowing a foreign language has become a must and advantageous while looking for certain jobs. It is almost a prerequisite for international business in the global world. We even see that bilingual applicants can be preferred in job postings. Because of that, many people attend language courses, use apps or dive […]